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  • Importance of Ayurveda in modern lifestyle

    Posted by Webdesk 14-02-2020

    India being a populous country with fast growing economy has unprecedented challenges in the health sector. Daunting health issues have been looming large on the Indian scenario with problems of post-natal issues, obesity, rheumatism, cervical spondylosis, autism, immune diseases, varicose vein, digestive challenges etc., emotional concerns likes hypertension insomnia, distress, and such others. Reasons could be endless like toxic atmosphere and water, unhealthy diets, medicinal side-effects & overdose but all are looking for reliable and lasting remedy.


    It could be noted that India has robust pharmaceutical and biotechnological resources that are served by a host of researchers, clinics and super-speciality hospitals. This makes things all the more confusing but inevitable for the common man to choose the best out the plethora of health wizards. India is renowned for its treasure trove of booties that convey the importance of Ayurveda treatment. Gradually public have understood the importance of Ayurveda treatment and its importance in modern life.


    Why Ayurveda treatment is becoming inevitable?

    Ayurveda treatment has become world demanding and burgeoning at an alarming pace. Reasons are simple and noteworthy…

    • People are tired of never ending prescriptions of tablets & medicines
    • Regular visits to the clinics and hospitals with long queues
    • Extreme cases lead to hospitalisation and a series of painful syringes & antibiotics
    • Long/ frequent hospitalisation effect working people & other regularities
    • Lack of by-standers to accompany in the contemporary hectic schedule 
    • Insurance claim and reimbursement hassles 
    • Some medicines gradually become ineffective to be replaced by high dose ones


    Life is often unpredictable and similarly our health. Health has become a priority with more and more investment and prevention techniques being taken into practice. Many institutions have dwelt deep into the present circumstances, trying to gauge the impending danger. Consistent researches to devise new methods and conventional techniques are being taken up thereby understanding the importance of Ayurveda treatment to combat the growing health hazards of life. Club Ayurveda has taken into its strides to take up the challenge in the cost effective manner and has been doing ever since its inception by instilling all about the importance of Ayurveda treatment.


    What is Ayurveda solution?

    Body has its own factors to combat sickness, which needs to be strengthened by exercise, natural herbs, massages, and other nature based anointing and treatments. Even in the ancient era, annals of history bring upfront many remedies from the nature which hardly have any side-effects rather strengthens the body much more than the earlier condition. That could be one of the reason that ancient men had longer lifespan than the present ones. 


    What is the importance of Ayurveda treatment?

    • Herbal diet chart are mostly given to inmates of the centre

    It is usually advisable to get registered in some Ayurvedic treatment centre to get an effective and consistent healing from all sorts of sought-after remedies for impending and suffering ailments. These Ayurvedic treatment centres have an absolute organic diet chart totally focused on the desired ailment/ treatment.  

    • Breakfast are often rice porridge, sautéed veggies, oats and cereals with herbal mix. At times supplemented by organic shakes also.
    • Lunch comprises of steamed grains, sautéed veggies, salads, root vegetable dish. Lassi/ yogurt before or after lunch. Kichadi of rice & dal which are ideal Ayurvedic staples.
    • Dinner is often the smallest meal with chapattis sautéed veggies, stews, salads etc.
    • Herbal oil massages on consistent regularity

    Regular herbal oil massage nourishes the body and skin alike. Most of such oil are in-house made with a combination of coconut, almond, castor, sesame, jojoba, neem, basil, rose, orange and many other rare extract of herbs. Each herb or ingredient has its own level of healing or soothing power. Like Coconut oil prevents anti-ageing, removes dryness and makes body smooth and supple. Neem and basil has detoxicating and rejuvenating ability. Peppergrass gives nutrition, strength and immunity, Brahmi to improve memory, drumstick leaves can purify and give proteins, dry ginger is the widely used Ayurvedic herb as cardiac tonic and digestion, are some of the known herbs widely used, other than the less known herbs which are also used for Ayurvedic treatment. Oil massages are often done both with hands and legs which though time consuming but effective. Even today, body massage is considered a powerful healing technique. This is because body massage oils release the accumulated stress and toxins from the body, leaving you feeling energised and rejuvenated.

    • Special Ayurveda oil anointment, steam bath with herbal ingredients and rejuvenating bath

    Warm medicated oil is usually used to massage the entire body or the concerned part of the body before bathing. Warmth makes the medicated oil seep into the body or desired part of the body in an effective manner. Followed by Ayurvedic steam bath which includes eucalyptus, green-grass etc. leading to excessive sweating. While the body gets detoxicated with steaming, head is protected with a cool towel giving a blissful feeling. Extracts of Rose, turmeric, honey, milk, chickpea, variety of cereals etc. are used in the form of packs on the body till dried. Then finally the rejuvenating bath comprises of scrubbing, warm medicated water bathing, often immersed for a stipulated time and then eased out from all the medications.

    • Perfectly charted out lifestyle with timing for each move, action and diet

    Mornings are scheduled for meditation and exercise to be followed with breakfast. Lunch is often served between 12-2pm with dinner much before 8pm. Proper sitting posture is recommended to the incumbents while eating to instigate good digestion. Sleeping is often on wooden cots with suggested postures for regulated timing. Diet is completely based on necessity of the ailment with restricted nutrition chart prepared in consultation with the Ayurveda Doctors.

    Why Club Ayurveda treatment is getting popular?

    Neither inducing any medicine nor intake of drugs is the best part of the regimen, making it a repeat treatment for many. Club Ayurveda has made it a steady remedy to ease its subscribers with special care in a cost effective manner, making most of them repeat customers. Club Ayurveda always gives an initial consultation about the importance of Ayurveda treatment before moving on to the full-fledged treatment where most of the initial process could be handled through online.


    Nature has it all, specially in a country like India where it’s easily accessible and feasible to have a healthy life by simple remedies. Club Ayurveda has taken the extra mile to bring down such facilities through their online portal www.clubayurveda.com, wherein consultation, advices, appointments, details of the options available & Ayurveda treatment processes are all explained in a conducive manner. 

    Visit the opted venue for the therapy only when one decides and finalises their choice of treatment. So it’s time to make the best and healthy choice before it’s too late

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