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  • Panchakarma Cost and Benefits

    Posted by Webdesk 19-09-2020

    Panchakarma - Cost and Benefits

    Panchakarma is an amazing Ayurvedic therapy for Detoxification. It eliminate body toxins through different therapies and is a combination of five type procedures of purification ie-Vamana-(Emesis), Virechana(Purgation), Nasya(nasal instillation of medicine),Vasti (Herbal oil enema)and rakthamoksha (Blood letting). The balance of Doshas heal countless ailments and revive a new experience in body mind and soul. However, panchakarma therapy is not like a luxury spa holiday with poolside soft massages with perfumed oils and green juices. Panchakarma procedures are an immersive experience and that demands the participant to stay in a panchakarma centre for minimum 7 days some other cases it will be up to 21 days also depends on the person’s health status that is undergoing the treatment.

    Human body is not a machine but as a comparison a machine needs cleaning from time to time to improve its efficiency and quality, our body also needs cleansing from time to time. After a deep consultation by an Ayurveda doctor is prescribing the treatment procedure whichever is doing in order in patients. Each person will have their own panchakarma experience because it will be personalized for the individual.  By the reason of modern life will being full of tensions and there is limited scope for relaxation also. Further lack of physical activity, continues mental strain and consumption of unhealthy foods and habits such like smoking or alcohols are responsible for increasing toxin levels in the body. This build-up lot of toxins is a precursor to several chronic illnesses such as life style diseases, heart diseases, and even cancer. To prevent the risk of life style and critical illnesses we need to follow way of Ayurveda and regularly eliminate toxins from the body which can be easily achieved through authentic Ayurveda.

    Origin of Panchakarma Therapy

    According to ayurvedic experts Panchakarma is known since the Vedic period. Some of the classic Ayurvedic texts like Susrutha samhitha, Charaka samhita, and Ashtanga Hrudhayam have extensively described Panchakarma procedure and  other Ayurveda treatments. In day today’s life, Ayurveda Panchakarma treatments and yoga or meditation offers better benefits compared to modern medicine and other traditional medicine forms available in the world. The treatments are beneficial not only for treating ailments but also for maintaining a healthy life. 

    Who Need Panchakarma?

    Every person’s body has a specific way of notifying the presents of toxins if it has gone to an undesirable level. All the health issues are generated due to imbalance of “doshas”. In a simple familiar examples constant tiredness, join pains related deficiency of lubrication in joints, beauty problems, Obesity, migraine, Immune, skin problems or even problems related to fertility indicates that you need to undergo body detoxification. If  any of these symptoms notices one has to undergo Panchakarma therapy.

    Panchakarma consists of three phases

    1. Purvakarma – The process of preparing human body for executing the principle therapy.
    2.  Pradhanakarma – The principle therapy which helps to alleviate diseases by balancing Prabudha Doshas.
    3.  Paschatkarma – The follow up therapy or guidelines which includes diet, medication and daily routine

    To illustrate, If a patient diagnosed of Vata Vyadhi (Vata Vyadhi is a set of diseases caused by vitiated Vata) with symtoms (lakshnas) localised swelling, pain all over the body and joints following protocol shall be adopted after taking care of all diagnosed parameters.

    Purva Karma

    1. Bahya Snehana ( Abhyanga) for 7 days
    2. Swedana  - CPS in dhanyamlam ( choorna panda sweda) for 7 days
    3. Sweda – Elakizhi in medicated oil  (according to condition) for 7 days

    #days will be fixed by vaidya according to lakshanas/symptoms

    #Also medication and proper diet management along with rest is given

    Pradhana Karma @ After Samyak lakshanas

    Vasti – (There are different types of vasti and selection of vasti shall be logically decided by the vaidyas/doctors according to the condition of patient.

     To illustrate Yoga vasti is comprised of 3 kashaya vasti and 5 Sneha vasti. After kashaya vasti patient has to evacuate bowel within 2-5 minutes and advised to take a hot water bath. The patient has to take meals immediately after bath.  

    Paschat Karma

    While performing paschatkarma proper diet like peyadi krama ( This karma makes the Agni to digest all foods) shall be followed along with meditation and proper  rest is compulsory.

    Patient can be discharged considering the physical condition and even after discharge patient should follow the directions of  vaidya /doctor completely to achieve a better result.

    In general,  the procedures takes 14 to 21 days as per  lakshanas/existing symptoms.

    Where Should Take Panchakarma?

    We are seeing lot of promotions regarding Panchakarma. But you should be judicious that who is doing authentic Ayurveda with traditional quality.  You should avail authentic panchakarma treatment after a deep consultation of Ayurvedic doctor and the procedures regarding panchakarma you should avail from skilled experienced therapist and have sufficient knowledge of the techniques. Panchakarma includes therapies and other procedures that inducement for vomiting or purgation and hence need to be performed in hygienic rooms. From an authentic Ayurveda centre you will get counseling also from well experienced and qualified Ayurvedic doctor before your therapy. The doctors also share valuable information’s with you that bringing in healthy changes in lifestyle after the panchakarma.

    Cost of  Panchakarma?

    In simple words Panchakarma is a Detoxification and cleansing process of human body followed in Ayurveda. With a plethora of benefits attached in this treatment, in the recent period, it has gained immense popularity globally. The cost of Panchakarma Treatment will be variable as per the person’s health status that who’s undergoing the treatment. So each person needs to be detailed health check up with an Ayurvedic physician before the panchakarma procedures. The therapy duration and approximate cost for Panchakarma can be obtained during your consultation. The expense of the treatment will be varying slightly only in almost part of India, But the inpatient services will be costly depends up on the luxury amenities whatever you demand in accommodation, location like tourist destination and the richness of the concerned properties.

    India is growing very fast in medical tourism globally; huge number of patients from other countries are coming to India for Ayurveda treatment because doctors and medical services in India are astoundingly great and Kerala is one of the best place for Ayurveda treatment. Its salubrious climate has made external purification & rejuvenation therapies most effective for treatment of many chronic diseases. And lot of well experienced Ayurveda physicians & therapist’s services are available in throughout Kerala.


    Dr. Jayakrishnan. T. J,

    M. D (Ayurveda)



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