Body Purification 14

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This package includes Abhyangam, Sirodhara, Nasya, Virechanam etc...

Premium Double Room



1 Pax -INR 103360/-


2 Pax -INR 166320/-





1 Pax -INR 124960/-


2 Pax -INR 206800/-





1 Pax -INR 140400/-


2 Pax -INR 216480/-

Note: Estimated cost may vary as per Seasons, days and rooms

D’Fort Ayurvedic

We at All Season’s Ayurvedic Resort provide quality ayurvedic treatment with unparalleled luxury.

We at All Season’s  Ayurvedic Resort recognize the role of a holistic approach to health and wellness and thus provide the most modern evidence based comprehensive therapeutic lifestyle change programs as well as tradition...

Our Policies


Reservation will be made confirmed only after receipt of an advance payment  of minimum 25% of the total amount estimated. Balance 75% of the amount shall be given at the time of admission. 


Cancellation 30 days prior to booking date- 90% refund.

Cancellation made 15 days before booking date- 50% refund, after that no refund shall be made.

Things to Remember

For the optimum effectiveness of an Ayurvedic treatment one should prepare their body by controlling their life style at least for a period of one week before commencement of treatment.It is better to avoid alcohol and smoking habits. A vegetarian diet is preferable for at least two weeks prior to the commencement of the treatments. Similarly, the doctor’s advice on diet and lifestyle shall be followed for the prescribed period even after treatment also.

Do’s Don’ts:

  1. While undergoing treatments, avoid exposure to cold, wind, hot, sun, dust, smoke, fog etc.
  2. Women cannot have a full body treatment at the time of their mensuration.
  3. Avoid physical or mental stress during the course of treatment.
  4. If the treatment plan is part of a journeyto India (from abroad), it will be better to undergo the treatment after finishing the journey / travelling.
  5. Bring all your previous medical reports (if any)while consulting doctor.
  6. Liquor is strictly prohibited during the treatment period.
  7. Any laboratory tests or specialist consultation if needed will cost extra.

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