Jaisanker Pharmacy

Jaisanker Ayurvedic Pharmacy , a GMP certified company  was established in the year 1968 by Dr. K.J. Varghese and it’s a division of  Thadickal Ayurveda and Kalari which having 179 years of heritage and authenticity in the field of Kalari. Now it is one of the finest Ayurvedic medicine manufacturing company in Kerala with GMP accreditation.  Most of the medicinal herbs required for our production are collected from our own herbal garden, a home of many rare medicinal plants. Our medicine manufacturing process are managed and monitored by highly qualified practitioners and experts. We also have an active supply chain management  team with  wide  distribution channel throughout Kerala to meet the medicine industry  requirements on time.

Clinically we developed six  special oil for Skin allergy, Bone related problems, Rejuvenative medicines, Scars and Burn healing oils, Hair and scalp related problems. Especially we are producing Oils and Lepas  for  external uses in  following diseases  that Psoriasis oil, Fracture and tier& tendons healing oils, Dandruff oil, All Skin allergy’s, Bed sore, Burns etc.