Aver Dynam Herbals Pvt Ltd

Aver Dynam Herbals Pvt ltd was established in the year 2005 at KINFRA International Parks Ltd , Trivandrum with a long vision of propogating and innovating Ayurvedic Products. With the logo LOKA SAMASTHA SUKHINO BHAVANTU ,the firm aims to explore the various possibilities of the different formulations and is keen to provide these traditional wisdom in the best possible way to the human kind all over the world. Aver Dynam Herbals Pvt Ltd is a GMP certified ASU drug Manufacturing Company with L2 License, ISO 9001- 2008 certification and FDA Certification to its asset. With valid liscense for exporting we have so far exported our products to US, Uk, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and France. The current unit is capable of producing around 525 Classical Ayurvedic formulations( in the perview of kasayas, lehyas, choornas, gulikas, tailas, and ghritas) as well as 55 Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicines covering almost all major areas in the field of healthcare. Aver Dynam Herbals Pvt Ltd intends to incorporate the age old wisdoms of Ayurveda with Modern Management and Business practices to deliver the best possible values of the medicaments to our Customers, Trade Partners and Ayurvedic Medical Practitioners. The challenge we have set ourselves is to deliver Consistent Quality medicaments in a user friendly way. In addition to the classical set of medicines which embalms the ancient richness of science, the firm introduces an array of proprietary medicines which blends the elements of Ayurvedic medicines in the stratum of modern dosage forms like lotions, creams, balms, washes and tablets which makes their acceptance to a wider level in the community. As an Organization, we believe that there is ample room for driving efficiencies in order to implement modern management practices in this field. Over the next 15 years we see ourselves emerging as a key end to end player in this space with gross production and distribution of hi-tech products in the field of healthcare. We aim to be a company at whom others in this field may look up for best practices. We care to contribute to the development of the sector in our own humble way.


Ayurveda, the 5000 yr sage old wisdom upholds a series of basic therapies to its unique treatment modalities. Of these Abhyangam or oil application is considered to be the most important and primary practice to maintain and preserve health. This oil application all over the body along with massage or gentle strokes brings in increased energy,improves skin texture, improves circulation, balances the nervous activities, reduces joint pains and increases its flexibility. In spite of all these benefits , the receding cause of its wide use among public is that, it cannot be retained for long and need to be washed off once applied. Further not all likes the greasiness of these oils and the incidence of bathroom accidents in the vulnerable group (old aged individuals, pregnant ladies and infants) who quite often relies on the oil therapy is also very high. This is the rationale behind thinking an alternate therapy to oil therapy which overcomes these disadvantages at the same time provides all the benefits of oil therapy. Medicated lepas are another set of treatment modality used mainly in skin allergies and infections. Certain lepas are used as a face pack for increasing the glow and texture of the face. These help clear the pores and help rejuvenate the skin if used regularly When these medicated oils and lepas are converted to lotions it provides a better absorbing property in the skin because they're partly water-based, they're often better at penetrating the skin, and can deliver ingredients that improve the ability of skin to maintain moisture. It helps your skin retain water and thus gives an added advantage of moisturizing and nourishment. Lotions give a random dose of hydration. You can apply it at any time of the day and also in any intervals. Thus converting the medicated oils and lepas from the Annals of Ayurveda to lotion form will give a better reach and wider acceptability to these formulations. Listing out the advantages of Lotions over Oils and lepas • In the present era when ease of use is given a priority without compromising the quality and benefits, substituting Lotions over oils and lepas can increase the use and acceptability of this rich traditional formulation. • Better penetrating action of the active ingredients • Added moisturizing and nutritional properties • Can be used at any part of the day whenever needed. • Safe to use in all age group. • Very good anti allergic and skin protective • Added fragrance enables it to be used as a cosmetic.In this view we have converted 10 major Ayurvedic medicated oils to its correspondent lotion forms starting from Dhanwantaram oil to Dhanwabala ardra lepam , Nimbadi yoga to Nimbadi lotion, Panchavalkaladi yoga to Panchavalkaladi lotion etc and in the long run expecting to add on more to the list….