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VAIDYASOFT-Traditions enabled by Technology


Viadyasoft is a complete software solution integrated with advanced modules to cover every aspect of Ayurveda Hospital management. Vaidyasoft  is offered as a customized solution from Future Spark Lab, developed in state-of-art technology and made as a user friendly and resource optimizing application.  Future Spark Lab is engaged in the business of developing and marketing software products to support Indian healthcare industry, especially those which are classified under AYUSH ministry.

The major modules of the Vaidyasoft, constitutes of Registration, Appointment Booking, OP/IPConsultation, Admission, Billing, Stock and Inventory and equipped with provisions to add customized modules according to the requirements of customers.

It is a Cloud server hosted; web based integrated Ayurveda Hospital Management Software that automates all aspects of operations and management of small, medium and large Ayurveda hospitals. Being modular and scalable in nature, the solution offers greater flexibility to be customized to individual client requirements.

Vaidyasoft offers

·         Appointment Booking

This module allows the admin users to manage the appointment bookings of different consultants (Doctors) in a day. Appointments can be easily added in a calendar by selecting the Consultant (Doctor) and the patient. It will also show the available slots in a day. Once the appointment is booked, patients will get a booking confirmation in their registered email address.

·         Consultation


This module allows the doctors to view the details of a patient such as the actual examination of the patient by the doctor. It also allows access to a patient’s medical record and treatment details. It allows doctors to prescribe medicines for the In Patients.

·         Admission Management


In-patient details can be managed here. When a patient is admitted, you can select the available rooms from the list (Based on the current availability). Option to manage the discharge billing is also provided.

·         Pharmacy billing


Traditionally one of the complex operations in this segment.Unlike the conventional pharmacy billing, Traditional/ Alternate medicines are calculated with different measuring standards. Vaidyasoft offers customized solution for Ayurveda/ Yunani/ Homepathic pharmacy billing.

·         Stock & Inventory Management

Customizable modules for Stock & Inventory Management with expandable SKU’s.

·         Easy Billing


Easy to learn, easy to use modules with privilege based security access.

·         MIS Reports &Financial Statements


Customizable Reports & Financial Statements for your business.

Vaidyasoft Features  Amplified:

Add Enquiries / Add Patients / Add Admission / Add Admin/Doctors/Staffs- User Add/ Edit Prescription & medicines /Add Medical Reports (History Reports) Add Treatments/Packages / Add Treatment rooms / Add medicines to treatment rooms Assign doc, therapist & treatment rooms to Patients / Add Discharge summary /Add/ Edit Item Category / Add/Edit Items / Add Tax / Add/Edit Discount /Add Stock Entry  / Add stock Return /Add Pharmacy Bill/Invoice /Add Receipt /Add/View NABH Forms /Add Customer Feed Back / View/Export Bill wise sale Report / View/Export Stock Report /View/Export Total Collection Report View /Print Prescription Report / View Patient Report