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One of those components of the human body that is responsible for a fit posture is the spine. Without a backbone, imagine yourself. How would you be sitting or standing? Well, even thinking about not having it is hard. Aren't they? Or maybe none of us are meant to think that way. But, the pain and discomfort are as good as not having a spine when there is a spine disorder, an injury, etc.

 So, do you have a spine disorder that has been diagnosed clinically? If so, are you searching for a solution? We have it ready for you if you are looking for back pain medication. For spine disorders, Ayurveda has one of the most powerful remedies. So, here Dr Kalpesh Mande who is an ayurvedic doctor in Vashi, Mumbai will briefly understand how Ayurveda can be helpful in the treatment of spine disorders as a function of the spine.

The human back is a complex system of vertebrae-called muscles, ligaments, and bone structures. They cooperate and encourage body movement. Sometimes, however, there may be some unfortunate situations where the spine disc can begin to degenerate. This is typically seen in cases of arthritis or if an infection or inflammation of the spine occurs in a person. The anatomy of the spine can alter any of these issues or can affect the vertebrae and their surrounding tissue. We have a list of conditions that cause spine disorders here.


Spine Disorders: How does it work?

The largest component of the central nervous system is the spinal cord. Spine condition or spinal disease refers to backbone weakness that leads to extreme back pain in the everyday life and many other problems. So, coming up with these spine diseases, there are several folds in them. It may cause injuries, degenerative diseases, wounds, infections, tumors, medical conditions, age-related bone changes, etc. They are the most complex medical practice conditions encountered.

Degeneration of the spine is prevalent as age rises. Spinal cord disorders are degenerative conditions, such as lumbar and herniated disc diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, spondylolisthesis, spinal cord and vertebral tumors, sciatica, injuries, and infections, etc. Myelopathy, Radiculopathy, Scoliosis, Osteoporosis, etc. are several other conditions causing spinal disorders.

But, we have some positive news as well! Today, herbal and conventional medicine are also on par with each other and have easily accessible therapies. Similarly, Ayurveda also offers several low-risk and minimally invasive therapies to treat spine disorders.


In Treating Spine Disorders, the advantages of Ayurveda:

The ancient treating processes of Meru Vajreekaranam will cure spinal diseases. Spinal diseases are caused because of the imbalance of the Vata, Pitta, and Kapha Doshas, according to Ayurveda. Spinal problems mostly require surgery for better movement. Whereas spinal disorders are treated without any surgical intervention in Ayurveda.

To treat spinal diseases, panchakarma treatments such as Svedana, Vasti, Kati Vasti, Meru Chikista, Lepan, Agnikarma are followed in Ayurveda. These therapies efficiently extract toxins stored in your body and provide you with a healthy body and a healthy life.

Ayurveda claims that the imbalanced Vata, Pitta, and Kapha doshas will recover from spinal disorders by restoring them. Thus, these Panchakarma therapies help to restore the vitiated doshas and preserve the body's harmony.

Ayurveda is a traditional Indian therapy that is healthy and works well for all age groups of people, helping the body, mind, and soul to function properly. It will not cause any unnecessary side effects or any other pain in the body, as Ayurveda is 100 percent normal. Often, the herbs and medications used in the treatment are naturally prepared. The power of Ayurveda is globally valued in the treatment of the spine field, as it addresses the root cause of spinal disorders and helps to heal permanently without any surgical procedure.


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